Episode 34 Riverdale Redo

April 8, 2018

It's Maple Syrup, Blood Money's 1 year anniversary, and Kyle and Noah are here with a new take on Riverdale! Some might call it impenetrable, but we have a good time anyway! Learn about the mystical town of Riverdale and its eldritch underbelly, influencing its citizens for their own nefarious purposes! Listen as the boys plot out a season of dark magic, Horny Evil Gods, and time traveling redheads!

Thank you all for a wonderful year of Maple Syrup, Blood Money, we really do appreciate every listen!


Episode 33 “Secret Gay Hook-Up Tunnel”

March 31, 2018

Kyle and Noah showdown in Outworld for Riverdale Chapter 30 "The Noose Tightens"! While Archie neglects his family obligations to work for Hiram Lodge, the Coopers scramble to deal with the recently rediscovered Shady Man's car and fall prey to a nefarious threat. Meanwhile Toni, Veronica, and Josie confront Penelope Blossom about the recently missing Cheryl, and after receiving a hint from an unlikely source, set out on a stealth mission to free her from The Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Also this episode, the Lin Kuei arrive in Riverdale, Keyhole and Shear sweaters as tactical attire, and methheads!


Episode 32 The MSBM Double-Feature 2!

March 25, 2018

After a brief hiatus Noah and Kyle are back for another Double-Feature! The boys cover Riverdale Chapters 28, "There Will Be Blood," and 29, "Primary Colors," back-to-back, delving into the machinations of the Lodge Family and their plans for the Southside of Riverdale. Jughead discovers the Lodges plan to build a For-Profit Prison on the site of Southside High School, while they try to convince Fred Andrews to become Mayor, much to Archie's concern. Betty discovers the truth about Chic, and Cheryl's relationship with Toni grows as a sinister plot boils in Thistlehouse!


Episode 31 “AKA Cheryl Bombshell”

March 10, 2018

After a short break Noah and Kyle are back for Riverdale Chapter 27 "The Hills Have Eyes"! While Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica get away to the woods for a horny, horny weekend, and some much needed relaxation, Cheryl deals with her mother's cruel nature and grows closer to an unexpected friend. Meanwhile, Kevin must deal with his loneliness and the sudden revelation from Josie of their parent's affair. Also, prepare yourself for Love, Simon, in theaters March 16th, and some reeeeaaal gross magical items!


Episode 30 “You Have Puke On Your Collar”

February 19, 2018

The blood is on our hands as Noah and Kyle recap Riverdale Chapter 26 "The Tell-Tale Heart." Betty and Alice must rush to hide the body of the Shady Man, leaving Betty to wonder about Chic's true nature. Jughead and FP get drawn into the affair as the Cooper women have nowhere else to turn. Veronica heads off her parent's attempt to discredit Mayor McCoy. Finally, Archie must decide where his loyalties lie; with the mysterious Agent Adams, or with the Lodges, and their underworld dealings.


Episode 29 “Elizabeth, Did You Lock The Front Door?”

February 3, 2018

Noah and Kyle breakdown Riverdale Chapter 25 "The Wicked and The Divine" in this week's episode of Maple Syrup, Blood Money! As Archie fights to get closer to Hiram Lodge he risks falling into his illicit world of underground dealings and deadly partnerships. Veronica struggles with the guilt of drawing Archie into this new, dangerous life and attempting to keep him innocent. Meanwhile, Jughead and Betty search for the head of General Pickens' statue in order to exonerate the Southside Serpents of wrongdoing, but the return of the Snake Charmer, Penny Peabody, leads Jug into hot water that he may not be able to escape.


Episode 28 The MSBM Double-Feature!

January 28, 2018

Maple Syrup, Blood Money is back after a brief hiatus for Episode 28, The MSBM Double-Feature! Noah and Kyle return to talk the latest two episodes of Riverdale, Chapter 23 "The Blackboard Jungle" and Chapter 24 "The Wrestler". A lot has happened in Riverdale since the Black Hood met his end; Hiram Lodge efforts to expand his SoDale project continue full-steam, seemingly aided by Veronica. Archie is wrangled by the mysterious FBI agent Arthur Adams to collect evidence that Lodge Industries is up to no good. Meanwhile Jughead and the Southside Serpents are relocated to Riverdale High, facing discrimination and prejudice from the students and faculty. Finally, Betty seeks her long-lost brother, Chic, and though Alice is excited for his return, something dark lurks within the Cooper household. It's good to be back!


Episode 27 The Punisher Meets Archie

January 7, 2018

Happy New Year from Maple Syrup, Blood Money! Kyle and Noah team-up to tackle the legendary crossover of Frank Castle and Archie Andrews in "The Punisher meets Archie." It's a case of mistaken identity as The Punisher arrives in the idyllic town of Riverdale, confusing Archie for his latest quarry! Meanwhile the elusive criminal Red Fever sets his sights on the beautiful Veronica Lodge, and her father's copius wealth! What will Archie do to escape the deadly sights of The Punisher and rescue Veronica? Will Frank realize his mistake before it's too late? Find out in this weeks episode!


Episode 26 “What Is This, A Christmas Inquest?”

December 16, 2017

Happy holidays from Maple Syrup, Blood Money! Noah and Kyle break down Riverdale Chapter 22 "Silent Night, Deadly Night", the festive conclusion to the Black Hood arc! Jughead is dead set on helping the Serpents and stopping Penny Peabody from dealing drugs, Veronica clashes once again with her parents and the nature of Lodge Industries, Cheryl takes Christmas festivities into her own hands, and finally, Betty and Archie are sent on a wild chase into Mr. Svenson's dark past in order to save him and, ultimately, face-to-face with the Black Hood himself. Who is the Black Hood? Is his reign of terror finally at an end? What dark secrets does Nana Rose Blossom know, and how did she survive that fire? Listen and find out!


Episode 25 “Get A Room, Xenomorphs”

December 10, 2017

Kyle and Noah enter Satan's abode in Riverdale Chapter 21 "House of the Devil". Betty and Jughead plan FP's return party, while Archie and Veronica investigate the mysterious Conway Family murders in connection to the Black Hood. But, all is not well, and tensions rise between the young lovers, Will they have what it takes to make it through or is this the end? Also, a striptease to Tears For Fears "Mad World" happens, like wtf?