Maple Syrup, Blood Money

Episode 24 “Out Of The Way, Bert And Ernie!”

December 2, 2017

It's a trio of tales in Riverdale Chapter 20 "Tales from the Darkside" and it's Noah and Kyle's job to talk about em! Josie and Cheryl deal with Josie's stalker, is it Chuck Clayton? The mysterious janitor, Mr. Svensson? Or is it somebody else? Meanwhile, Betty and Veronica investigate Sheriff Keller, who's shady behavior have him on the short list of Black Hood suspects. Veronica (and Kyle) get extremely thirsty. Finally, Jughead and Archie have to transport some illicit goods from Riverdale to the eerie town of Greendale for Penny Peabody, the Snake Charmer, in order to help get FP out of prison, or so they think. All that, plus current season thoughts, and news of Sabrina and her show!

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