Maple Syrup, Blood Money

Episode 36 “Dear Cousin, You Look Harrowed”

May 6, 2018

Fatigue sets in for Kyle and Noah in Riverdale Chapter 33 "Shadow of a Doubt". As the return of the Black Hood looms over Riverdale Betty struggles with the realization that her father just might be the man under the hood. Meanwhile, Fangs Fogarty is implicated in the murder of Midge Klump, leading to Jughead and the Serpents having to protect him from Reggie and the Bulldogs, as Hiram Lodge pulls their strings. Archie attempts to ease the tension between the North and Southside factions, driving a further wedge between him and Hiram. Finally, Veronica attempts to use the St.Clair's ransom money to fund a casino in Riverdale. All this plus more Archie cuckoldry and exasperated sighs!

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